Race and Regulation

Race and Regulation (1 minute trailer)

May 10, 2022 Penn Program on Regulation
Race and Regulation
Race and Regulation (1 minute trailer)
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The Penn Program on Regulation’s podcast, Race and Regulation, focuses on the most fundamental responsibility of any society: ensuring equal justice, and dignity and respect, to all people. Over the 10-episode podcast series, listen as leading scholars uncover how government regulations across a wide range of areas—including voting rights, child welfare, banking, land use, and more—have contributed to racial inequities, as well as how regulatory changes could help build a more just society. Each podcast is hosted by Cary Coglianese, Director of the Penn Program on Regulation, and produced by Patty McMahon. Music featured is by Philadelphia-based artist, Joy Ike.

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Music bed: Joy Ike’s “Time”

Jessica Trounstine, UC-Merced: Segregation is not an accident.

Chris Brummer, Georgetown Law: It’s a bipartisan problem, to talk at communities of color and not to let those communities speak for themselves and from their own experience.

 Dorothy Roberts, University of Pennsylvania: People are working in a system that is structured and designed, and whose purpose is to regulate Black families.

Host Cary Coglianese: The voices you’re hearing are leading scholars who study the relationship between legal rules and racial justice. I’m Cary Coglianese, the host of “Race and Regulation.”

 Jessica Trounstine, UC-Merced: The geography of our communities did not happen accidentally. The people who create segregation, maintain segregation, and benefit from segregation are always those who are the most opposed to undoing it.

Host Cary Coglianese: Coming soon – “Race and Regulation” – a podcast that explores equal justice under the law. Produced by the Penn Program on Regulation at the University of Pennsylvania.